Revision Policy

Have a look at the revision policy of Academic Scores:

  • It would be assumed that you have read, agreed and understood all the terms and conditions prior to placing an order with us.
  • You are required to furnish complete details and instructions while placing your order.
  • Always remember that no additional work would be accommodated for the revision.
  • There would be extra charges if you want to incorporate any additional work.
  • Orders having 250-5000 have the limit of 15 days for revisions. After 15 days revision will be charged.
  • Orders having 5000+ words have the limit of a month for the revision. After a month, revisions will be charged.
  • Sundays and other Holidays are off days.
  • Orders having 48 hours deadline will receive the revision in 24 hours.
  • Orders having 24 hours deadline will receive the revision in max 12 hours, minimum 8 hours.
  • Orders having 5000 words will take at least 3 days for revision.
  • Orders having more than 10000 words will take roughly 5-6 days.

Contact Us:

Feel free to contact us at your convenience via email at


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