The Four C’s of Business Innovation

For an organization to succeed, there needs to be support of the innovation process. This starts at the top of an organization, where key components of innovation can be formed and reinforced. Without an understanding of the four C’s of innovation, most initiatives will remain on the drawing board. Over the past decade, I’ve beenContinue reading “The Four C’s of Business Innovation”

Interrelationship between strategic factors, technology and organizational learning: a systematic literature review

Abstract Purpose This paper aims to examine the relationship between organizational learning (OL) and technology through the lens of strategic factors and to ascertain future research directions. Design/methodology/approach The systematic literature review method was applied in three stages to the 76 articles obtained from Scopus, Web of Science, Google Scholar and EBSCO databases. Findings ThisContinue reading “Interrelationship between strategic factors, technology and organizational learning: a systematic literature review”

Going Beyond “Just Employed” to Career Growth and Entrepreneurship

Abstract As the labor market continues to evolve, how will deaf and hard-of-hearing (DHH) people adapt to changes in the workplace and take advantage of new employment opportunities, careers, and entrepreneurship? Although much is known about DHH individuals’ employment, job/career satisfaction, and the related financial benefits of increased education, there is also the DHH dilemmaContinue reading “Going Beyond “Just Employed” to Career Growth and Entrepreneurship”

Pre-crisis planning in organizations

The first hours and days of a crisis situation are the most critical. High pressure environments and atypical events often breed additional chaos and public relations nightmares that can rapidly tarnish a company’s sterling reputation. Whether you’re company has a few domestic locations or an extensive international network of offices and facilities, designing a comprehensive CrisisContinue reading “Pre-crisis planning in organizations”

How to create a crisis management plan

If your company is one of the 51 percent of organizations that admits to not having crisis management playbooks in place, now is the time to sit down and start planning. The very future of your business could depend on it. But where should you begin? If you are new to the process, building issue and crisisContinue reading “How to create a crisis management plan”

How the Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) Theory Works

2.3       Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) Model The leader-member model examines the existing relationship between leaders and their subjects. It is also known as the Dyadic relationship framework (Northouse., 2016). According to Harris et al (2009), most leadership theories portray leaders as seeing their followers to a cluster of people with uniform attitudes, thoughts and temperament whoContinue reading “How the Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) Theory Works”

Leadership and Culture

4.2 Cultural Collision and Leadership Multicultural work settings have been around for centuries. Immigrant workers and cross-national trade have existed around the globe for centuries. However, the intensity of cross-cultural exchanges has a more noticeable economic impact in today’s global society than in the past. In previous centuries, those with resources and military might imposed theirContinue reading “Leadership and Culture”

Psychology of Leadership in Organizations

3.3 Power and Influence Approaches Power approaches seek to explain leadership effectiveness in terms of the amount and type of power possessed and exercised by leaders. A classic distinction of forms of power was presented by French and Raven (1960): reward and coercive power, that is, the capability to offer incentives and to make use ofContinue reading “Psychology of Leadership in Organizations”

Is remote working more eco-friendly than commuting?

Working remotely became a part of everyday life for many people all over the world during the last couple of years. Since lockdown restrictions eased, there has been a push to get people back into the office and return to the way things used to be. The journey to work, whether it be by publicContinue reading “Is remote working more eco-friendly than commuting?”

The Corporate Social Responsibility of Organizations

If you pay attention, there are signs in the marketplace that speak to the notion that where companies have been given much in the way of prosperity, much is expected from them – this rings especially true when discussing the social responsibility of corporations. Shareholders, stakeholders and the public are evaluating pay rates. They’re alsoContinue reading “The Corporate Social Responsibility of Organizations”