Advocacy and Client Engagement

One of the ultimate goals of the case manager–client advocacy relationship is transitioning the client from a state of detachment to full engagement in own health. The case manager achieves this by intentionally shifting the client’s state of reluctance and apprehension to that of comfort and empowerment in assuming responsibility and accountability for own healthContinue reading “Advocacy and Client Engagement”

What are the benefits of working in a long-term care facility?

Working in a long-term care facility is a new experience for many international nurses. Long-term care involves a variety of nursing and support services designed to meet a person’s health or personal care needs during a short or long period of time. According to NurseJournal, “a career in LTC nursing offers unprecedented professional growth opportunities. AsContinue reading “What are the benefits of working in a long-term care facility?”

Migrate to the US as a nurse in 2023

Immigrating to the USA as a nurse in 2023 can benefit you not only financially but also in career growth and advanced nursing opportunities. As reported by NurseJournal, nursing has been an in-demand profession for years, with nearly every major hospital hiring for one of healthcare’s most important roles. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor StatisticsContinue reading “Migrate to the US as a nurse in 2023”

Negotiation and Advocacy: Maintaining a Delicate Balance

Case managers face the challenge of balancing the competing priorities and pressures brought upon by the clients, providers, payers, and fellow health care team members. As coordinators and facilitators of care, they are able to acquire an understanding of the competing priorities and interests of the different parties involved in a given situation and theContinue reading “Negotiation and Advocacy: Maintaining a Delicate Balance”

Strategies for Case Managers’ Advocacy

Case managers in any care setting often act as members of “collaborative interdisciplinary care teams” usually composed of providers (i.e., physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants), case managers, registered nurses, social workers, physical and occupational therapists, utilization managers, psychologists, pharmacists, and other professionals and paraprofessionals (e.g., community health workers, health educators, navigators, and client advocates).Continue reading “Strategies for Case Managers’ Advocacy”

Case Manager Competencies in Client Advocacy

Client advocacy is a complex process and a key role of case managers. It demands specific skills, knowledge, and competencies from case managers to ensure that clients and their support systems receive effective advocacy and that their rights and interests are protected at all times. Advocacy efforts aim to build trusting relationships, facilitate a commonContinue reading “Case Manager Competencies in Client Advocacy”

Essentials of Case Management

Conclusion Case managers, experts, and leaders agree that advocacy is integral to case management practice and necessary for enhancing the client experience of care, quality, safety, and outcomes. Through advocacy, case managers are able to customize provision of health care services and resources according to the client needs, culture, and values. They also are effectiveContinue reading “Essentials of Case Management”

Stigma in the Context of COVID-19 Crisis

Abstract Background:  Stigmatizing anyone during a pandemic poses a threat to everyone and can be an obstacle to disease treatment. The stigma around COVID-19 stems from the fact that it is a life-threatening disease and a lot is unknown about it. Aim:  This study was conducted with the aim of analyzing and clarifying the concept of stigma in theContinue reading “Stigma in the Context of COVID-19 Crisis”

Facilitators and Challenges of Client Advocacy

Experts and leaders may agree that client advocacy is not only an ethical and legal expectation, but it also is a philosophical foundation and guiding principle for case management practice. Advocacy as an integral component of every aspect of the case manager’s role, regardless of care setting and professional discipline, is not a choice; itContinue reading “Facilitators and Challenges of Client Advocacy”

Cancer Pain: An Evolutionary Concept Analysis

Abstract Background:  Cancer pain is among the most severe types of pain and is among the most common types of cancer-related problems. Yet, many ambiguities surround the concept of cancer pain and its attributes. Objective:  This study aimed to analyze the concept of cancer pain. Methods:  This concept analysis was conducted using the Rodgers’ evolutionaryContinue reading “Cancer Pain: An Evolutionary Concept Analysis”