Factors contributing to students’ academic performance

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Students’ academic performance is a key feature in education. This study was therefore conducted primarily to assess the factors contributing to improvement in academic performance of Junior High Students (JHS) in Gomoa Manso Basic School which is in the Gomo-East District in the Central Region of Ghana. The mixed and descriptive research design was used and a sample size of 87 respondents (79 students and 8 teachers) were selected through random sampling technique. The findings revealed that the average academic performance (47.0%) of the JHS students in Gomoa Manso Basic School is weak and their performance in Mathematics (average score of 31.48%) and English Language (average score of 39.99%) is a failure. It was noticed that student factors that contribute to an improvement in academic performance include regular studying, self-motivation, punctuality and regular class attendance, hardwork, and interest in a subject. The teacher factors were completion of syllabus, use of TLM’s, frequent feedback to students and given students special attention. Per the findings, parent factors which was very key was parent showing concern in their children’s academics and providing them their academic needs. School factors that were significant included availability of textbooks and TLM’s. The study also found that parent level of education and gender has a positive relationship with academic performance but it’s insignificant. However, age has a positive significant (5% significance level) relationship with academic performance. Based on findings, the study recommends that there should be strict monitoring on teachers to vary their teaching methods to suit their needs of the students and to provide the students with constant feedback on their academic performance. Again, the students should be motivated and orientated to take ownership of their studies by having regular studies and attending school during school days.


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