Statement of Research Intent

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Learner Name:                                                          Intake:

GMP_____                                                                            GMP –C _____

Project Title: In ONE sentence, state what topic you would like to do your GMP on and (if known) for whom it would be done.

Topic: “The Impact of Employee Motivation on Organizational Growth: A case of the Nigerian Civil Service.”

Findings from the academic research will benefit stakeholders in different categories vis-à-vis:

(a) The Civil Service: the career personnel of the Presidency, Ministers, and Extra – Ministerial offices (such as Departments, the National Assembly and the Judiciary).

(b) The Armed Forces, the Police, Other Security agencies e.g Para – Military organizations

(c) The Parastatals or Public Enterprises.  

Brief Description of the Project:  In roughly four or five sentences, expand on the nature of the project and give a brief description of the organization (if known) and/or industry context.

While sustainable growth of African economies revolves around good corporate governance, the importance of human capital development—especially motivation of employees—cannot be ignored. Thus, this academic research focuses on the performance of Nigerian Civil Service as a tool for implementing governmental development goals. Using some theoretical models and results from evidence-based studies on public service, corporate governance, motivation, employee performance and organizational growth, the study objective is to analyze the achievements, challenges and prospects of the Nigerian Civil Service sector, as well as examine the effectiveness of corporate governance structures and strategies adapted in the system.

Personal statement: In no more than two sentences state WHY you wish to do this particular project.

For over five decades, the Nigerian Civil Service has grappled with reforms, political influence, corruption and ineffective utilization of organizational management strategies. My intention is to identify the underlying systemic causes of failure in Nigeria’s civil service sector, and proffer innovative solutions that can improve corporate governance practices thereby revitalizing the dwindling Nigerian economy.

Note: This is a statement of intent only and does not constitute a commitment. It should form the basis for your final Proposal, which when approved will be considered a commitment.


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