What you should know before writing a literature review

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How to Structure a Literature Review

Scholars conduct literature reviews in the introduction, main body paragraphs, and concluding part of the research. Whether you create a paper, or your literature review is just one of the sections for the more complex work (dissertation, for example), the length of the study can be from one to twenty pages or more.

Although the structure is like most essays, and you will be OK with dividing the material into chapters, you can choose the best approach to organize the information in the paper. To help you with this, we will tell you about different techniques and when to use them.

How to Start a Literature Review

The introduction to a literature review is usually short, not more than one page (or few paragraphs if your literature review is one of the sections of a more extensive paper). To understand what to write in this section, you need to answer the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of writing a literature review on the chosen topic?
  • What was the focus of your research?
  • How can you briefly summarize the reviewed sources?

This will give your audience a better idea of what you will discuss or report in your literature review. Ensure your introduction is brief, informative, precise, and engaging for readers.

Literature Review Introduction: How We Write It

If you feel you need more confidence in your writing skills, our team of academic writers will help you to create a literature review introduction. We use a personalized approach to each order to guarantee the quality of delivered work.

To create the best literature review introduction for you, our specialists will follow the next steps in their work:

  • Review all sources you want to use for a literature review or key findings provided in your order.
  • Create a summary of researched sources.
  • Explain the purpose and the focus of the literature review.
  • Write the introduction.
  • Proofread created text.

Thus, if you need assistance writing a literature review introduction, do not hesitate to ask us for customized help.

How to Write Main Body Paragraphs

If you follow all the steps of creating a literature paper and organize your findings beforehand, it will be easy to write the main body of your essay. Then, all you need to do is to choose the right approach to provide the information. Here are few steps:

  • Thematic — organize the information in sections by founded themes (repeated ideas, concepts).
  • Theoretical — develop your review by discussing different theoretical approaches to research a specific topic.
  • Chronological — provide the information in chronological order to show how themes and approaches change over time.
  • Methodological — compare different research methods and approaches to a specific question.

How to End a Literature Review

You need to add a concluding paragraph or section at the end of your literature review. In conclusion, you briefly summarize all sources you analysed by reiterating the main ideas, patterns, conflicting theories, and gaps.

You can also reiterate your introduction and add few words about the opportunities for future research on related topics. Finally, make your conclusion short, precise, and without excessive details.

How Professionals Write a Literature Review Conclusion

Writing a reasonable conclusion can be challenging for students, but not for our specialists. Writers from our team know how to conclude a literature review best. Here is the approach we use:

  • Review the text
  • Note the key findings
  • Evaluate their importance
  • Consider the client’s specific requirement
  • Create a concluding paragraph by reiterating key findings, explaining their significance, and mentioning the plans for future research
  • Proofread the conclusion
  • Deliver it to a client.

If you want professional help with your paper, do not hesitate to call us! We are always ready to help with any writing assignment.


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