US universities accepting HND for graduate studies

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Universities in the USA that accept HND for Masters πŸ‘‡πŸ½

  1. University of Houston, Clear Lake
  2. Central Michigan University
  3. University of Hawaii, Manoa
  4. Jacksonville State University
  5. Southern Illinois University
  6. University of Detroit, Mercy
  7. Western Oregon University
  8. California State University, Sacramento
  9. California State University, Fresno
  10. California State University, Ponoma
  11. University of California, Merced
  12. Clark University
  13. Western Kentucky University
  14. Louisiana Tech University
  15. University of Northern Colorado
  16. Utah Valley University
  17. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
  18. Illinois State University
  19. University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
  20. Arkansas State University
  21. Southern A & M University
  22. Eastern Illinois University
  23. Indiana State University
  24. Georgia College and State University
  25. Youngstown State University
  26. Montana State University
  27. Marshall University
  28. Humboldt State University
  29. Wichita State University
  30. University of South Carolina
  31. University of North Carolina, Charlotte
  32. TAMUK
  33. University of Minnesota, Duluth
  34. Western Illinois University
  35. University of Central Missouri
  36. University of Missouri, St Louis
  37. Georgia State University
  38. University of Massachusetts,
  39. Auburn University of Montgomery
  40. University of Memphis (Computer Science dept.)
  41. University of South Dakota
  42. East Tennessee State University
  43. North Dakota State University
  44. University of Vermont
  45. Cleveland State University
  46. Western Washington University
  47. University of Central Florida
  48. Bowling Green State University
  49. Old Dominion University
  50. University of Houston, Clear Lake
  51. Central Michigan University
  52. University of Hawaii, Manoa
  53. Jacksonville State University
  54. Carnegie Mellon University
  55. Tulane University
  56. Tufts University
  57. University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley
  58. University of Maryland
  59. University of New Haven
  60. Northern Arizona University
  61. Case Western Reserve University
  62. Georgia Southern Western
  63. University of Alabama
  64. Florida State University
  65. Marquette University
  66. University of Kansas
  67. Colorado State University
  68. University of Colorado- boulder
  69. Rice University
  70. University of Kentucky
  71. University of Miami
  72. Utah state university
  73. University of Pittsburgh
  74. Portland state university
  75. University of Rochester
  76. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  77. Vanderbilt University
  78. Michigan Tech
  79. Worcester Polytechnic Institute

PS: some of them require WES evaluation.

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